Did you know that 95% of all lower back pain can be prevented with correct alignment and support of the abdominal and back muscles?


The ERGOMAX is the world’s first and only wearable elastic resistance total body support. Designed to align your posture and support the body relieving back pain fast.

Stand up straight and take all the pressure off of your back. Relieve back strain instantly by aligning your body and correcting your posture. 

Relieve Back Pain

with Perfect Posture



The ERGOMAX is a wearable tool that instantly lifts you into proper alignment, engages your core strength and supports your back.

Based on the science of elastic resistance strength training it assists you in building better posture and back strength with

every movement. 

Ergonomically designed to ensure proper alignment and support 


Uses the highest quality of therapeutic grade tubing for optimum durability and reliable performance


Fully adjustable to fit any shape and size frame


Instantly improves appearance and equilibrium


Alleviates excess strain and pressure on joints

Provides Spine Support

Lifts and holds your body with total support relieving up to 70 lbs of excess pressure

Corrects Posture

Aligns your spine and corrects your posture instantly

Engages Core Strength

A strong core is one of the best ways to prevent more back pain in the future

Expands Breathing Capacity

Improves breath management, volume and resonance

Spinal Righting Reflex

Ergonomic thoracic support cushion 

triggers a spinal righting reflex, stacking your vertebrae in proper alignment

Improves Confidence

Feel more confident when standing or walking. Eliminate fear of throwing out back

Posture Pivot


A Unique Wearable

Ergonomic Design

Elastic resistance builds strength, stamina and endurance. The applied elastic resistance provides a force against which your muscles must work.This action causes muscles to contract, which stimulates bone and muscle growth.

This interactive relationship is progressive and with each movement your back gets stronger by the minute.

The Posture Pivot Point thoracic cushion supports the mid-back vertebrae holding them in correct alignment, this helps to balance the head correctly over the shoulders which takes pressure off the lower back.

Effortlessly Achieve 

Optimum Alignment

Ear directly over shoulder

Abdominals Engaged, lower back supported

Chest Expanded

Shoulder Blades


Glutes Lifted

Correct Pelvic Tilt

Pain Prevention

 The ERGOMAX prevents overloading weak, tired, injured muscles and joints by engaging large and small anterior and posterior and stabilization muscles in unison. 


This helps build a stronger more powerful spine and a body that performs better during active movement.  

Gradually Condition, Tone and Strengthen Posterior and Anterior Muscle Groups


Eliminate Fear of Throwing Your Back Out

Get back to moving freely without the fear of pain. The ERGOMAX lifts and holds you in the optimum form adjusting how your body compensates for weakness.


You can rely on it during the day to hold you up and strengthen you allowing you  to rehabilitate rapidly.

Relieve Sciatica

Lift Your Glutes

The sciatic nerve exits the sacrum (pelvic area) through a nerve passageway called the sciatic foramen. Anything that compresses or pinches the sciatic nerve (particularly where it exits the spine) can cause sciatica. 


The piriformis muscle typically runs on top of the sciatic nerve in the buttocks and can compress the sciatic nerve.

The ERGOMAX lifts the glutes off of the piriformis muscle, alleviating sciatic ache when standing, sitting or walking. 



One Size Fits All

Designed to fit any shape or size body. From XS to XXL.

Only weighs 1lb

Lightweight materials combine to create a intelligent design.

Fully Adjustable

All parts are independent of each other so each part can be adjusted for a perfect fit.


Packs down into a custom notebook size case for easy portability.

Therapeutic Elastic Resistance

The highest quality made in the USA elastic latex rubber tube with a protective nylon braid. Guaranteed to last.

Waterproof & Washable

Use gentle soap to hand wash and air dry.

What Users Are Saying

About the ERGOMAX

Olivia: "It just lifts your whole body up, I feel less pain in my lower back, everything is just raised.” 

Caden:  "I feel like I have complete posture control.”

Aaron:  "I have much better balance throughout my entire body. I feel like I can move better overall I just feel stronger.” 

Barry:  "I wear it every morning for 45 mins when I’m walking. When I'm wearing the Ergomax I feel more stable, stronger, aligned, energized and confident!"

Diana: "I feel like my back is much more stabilized. You don’t even feel like you have it on. You get so used to it. It makes you feel more motivated.” 

Rich: "I want to thank Perfectore Corp. for my ERGOMAX. As promised here is an update on changes I have noticed. First wearing it on a 3 mile walk my posture is better and when done I have no pain in my lower back. Wearing it when bending and picking up twigs and branches in the yard after storms that day and the day after I am no longer as stiff as was the case previously. I feel much better after mowing the lawn. Also after spreading yards of mulch this Spring I was stiff from unused muscles but could stand straight up. Also used it when waxing 2 cars and had no stiffness afterward. 

I found the 8 minute exercise video on YouTube very helpful and do it frequently. 

I am trying different activities to check it out and really like it. Just slip it on, put clothes over it and ready to go. Next up is power washing our patio.

I have some long time lower back issues and the ERGOMAX has made life easier for me. I am showing it to my Chiropractor and a pain specialist as well as mentioning it to anyone that wants to improve their posture and/or experiences back pain."   Rich Keeler

The ERGOMAX is Made in the USA with the highest quality materials manufactured by specialty suppliers.

Registered with the FDA as a medical device and coded A9300 for insurance orthotic exercise equipment 

The ERGOMAX has a 5 year warranty on all parts